Welcome To The JCCL!

Here in the JCCL we are pleased to offer students at School Of Computing & Information Science the opportunity to explore the vast amenities and/or services that is provided to the students at no charge. We strive to provide excellent services and seek to educated and inform individual as we work.

JCCL Services

Survey Service

JCCL Survey

The JCCL surveys are conducted every year at the end of each semester. We take the survey results very serious and each semester we are able to drastically improve the JCCL! We greatly appreicate your feedback and comments it greatly improves the lab services that we provided. We look forward to hearing from you. If you wish to provide feedback Click Here!

Wireless Service


The School of Computing & Information Sciences provides the students with a free wireless service. To log into the wireless, you will need to be a registered undergrad or graduate student taking Information Technology (IT) or Computer Science (CS) courses for the current semester.

Printing Service


A free printing services is provided to the students taking courses in the School of Computing & Information Sciences. The printers are automatically added to your profile upon login and are located in various location such as: ECS 141 (called ilab), ECS 237 (called pencil) ECS 241 (called venom) and in ECS 243 (called np237).

Tutoring Service

ACM Tutoring

Tutoring is offered free of charge to all students enrolled in courses offered by the School of Computing and Information Sciences. Our tutors are undergraduate and graduate students who have generously offered to volunteer their time to help others.